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Local Capital Assets

Measurement and evaluation of local capital assets to make use of local advantages, build opportunities, and reduce socioeconomic inequality.


Following early research with an expert team and focus groups, the issue of regional inequality and gaps between different local communities and municipal authorities, came first.


To identify and analyze resources available to local authorities and measure the gaps between different municipal authorities in various capital assets, in a way that will aid the authorities in defining priorities of development and minimize the gaps.


Making use of the capital resources model developed at the Technion. The model defines eight key subjects of evaluation: economic, human, organizational, political, environmental, transportation, and planning capital.



1) Making use of dozens of indices made available as part of the capital resources model to evaluate the relative place of the local authority compared to benchmark authorities.
2) Developing and making use of capital assets to increase equality.

The tools in the kit:

1) A series of indices and the sources for achieving them.
2) A method for setting comparison criteria.
3) Methods for measuring reference points.


After making use of the kit, the participants will have a full picture of the gaps in capital resources between their municipality and the benchmark group. The municipal authority may make use of this information to improve local capability for change management as necessary to close the gaps.

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