About Israel100 - Israel100


Israel100 is an academic initiative involving local government bodies, professional organizations, government officials and representatives of the civil society. The initiative promotes environmental quality and quality-of-life at large, for decades ahead.

Israel100 presents an interdisciplinary perspective that is strategic, practical and sustainable. It celebrates the rich variety of places, communities, and individuals in Israel, and brings it forward as a lever for creating a cross-country network of social and environmental resilience, justice, prosperity and cultural wealth.

  • Quality

    Israel’s population growth rate is among the highest in the world. However, its territory and resources are quite limited. The accelerated pace of growth along the booming development efforts (which are expected to double in size by the centennial) pose not only a quantitative challenge, but a challenge in developing an appropriate quality of life for the country. Therefore, Israel100 promotes a vision based on quality as a basic right of each individual and group. It calls for local, regional, and national action to create quality, and to develop a quality policy that will manifest in planning, legislation, organization, regulation, and administration.

  • Local Action As Strategy

    Israel100 promotes a Quality Paradigm through a strategy of local action. The initiative calls for the creation of local projects, audacious in their vision of the future and feasible in the present, reflecting the quality objective in every place and every community in Israel. Weaved into a strong network of change-generating actions, these projects are seeding today the solutions of tomorrow.

  • Empowering Localities

    Israel100 sees great importance in decentralization of thought and action, and in empowering municipal authorities and residents to produce quality based on their deep knowledge and sensitivity of the needs and wants of their local communities. Igniting an array of local processes and planting seeds of change across the entire country is the strategy of Israel100 for a revolution on a national scale as well.

  • Dealing With Uncertainty

    Israel100 is developing advanced tools for thought and action, enabling us to deal the high levels of uncertainty that mark our era. As part of our initiative, we've developed a dozen kits that incorporate tools (as opposed to solutions) for re-thinking the future, defining objectives, quality planning, and management, which are flexible and able to adapt to a changing, dynamic world. The tools created by Israel100 encourage procedural thinking for the long-term and effective action in the here and now.

  • Multidisciplinary Teams

    Israel100 collaborates with organizations, professionals, and creators throughout the country to set up multidisciplinary “action circles” at a local scale. The purpose of these action circles is to create future and quality-oriented projects that will generate change, based on a creative discussion and the innovative though and action kits of Israel100.

  • Culture As Atrategy

    Israel100 sees culture and art as powerful instruments for conflict resolution and change by means of active civic participation and generation of a quality-oriented discourse. For this purpose, Israel100 calls on artists and cultural institutions to join local “action circles” and create a variety of civil partnerships and intercultural meetings.

  • Integrating Academia, Public and Private Sectors

    Israel100 integrates advanced knowledge and tools developed in academia with ongoing action in the public and private sectors. Israel100's though and action tools, translated into operational implementation kits, enable a wide variety of activists to make use of academic knowledge as part of their daily professional, cultural, and social life.

Our Vision: Israel100 aspires to promote and ensure a good quality-of-life as appropriate for each individual and group, both in this generation and in generations to come; and to redefine the tensions Israel is experiencing – quantity VS. quality; global VS. local; hierarchy VS. interconnectivity; tradition VS. innovation. For this purpose, Israel100 sets objectives in terms of prosperity, justice, sustainability, and resilience, and aspires to create synergy between them.

What is a project as part of Israel100?

1. Future-facing: presents a vision of a near-term or long-term desired future, challenging the present and expected reality and calling for a change in the future.
2. Local: focuses on a local site or community (place, fabric, neighbourhood, town, up to an area of several towns).
3. Sees beyond the local: teaches, challenges, and inspires residents, communities, and leaders on various scales, up to the national and global scale.
4. Public: intended for the general public and available for its use.
5. Change-generating: direct or indirect actions, generating processes or infrastructure for change.
6. Practical: influences reality in practice, in the present or in the future.
7. Shared: done by multidisciplinary teams connecting municipalities, professionals, creators, pupils, students, civil society, etc.
8. Makes use of one or more of Israel100's kits.